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Lev Tolstoy method helps Orhan Pamuk to write books

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Lev Tolstoy method helps Orhan Pamuk to write books


Lev Tolstoy. Coloured photo by Sergey Proskudin-Gorsky, 1908 //

Turkish novelist, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature Orhan Pamuk admitted that he works using Lev Tolstoy method.

There is nothing better than to work everyday independently from current mood or inspiration, the writer marks. All of that because the working process is the happiest in his life.

One of the last works of the author, A Strangeness in My Mind, won Tolstoy estate’s Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award and $16,000.

The schedule of Pamuk’s day is pretty tight. Writing process is very complicated, it’s not just ‘writing words,’ he remarks. When the writer’s block happens he pushes himself in creative process anyway. During difficult moments he prefers to engage himself in reading books on history or art, like Lev Tolstoy.

Turkish writer is sure that the inspiration is not as important as the continuous work of a serious professional writer who works every ыштпду day, not relying on a help of muses.

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