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Grant Provision Statute

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Russkiy Mir Foundation Grant Provision Statutes

Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Russkiy Mir Foundation (Protocol No. 1/14 dd. 27 March 2014)

1. General terms

2. Application deadlines

3. Procedure for providing grants

4. Reporting procedure for using grant funds

5. Final provisions

1. General terms

1.1 Grants of the Russkiy Mir Foundation (hereinafter – the Foundation) are provided on a competitive basis to Russian and foreign NGOs, citizens and persons without citizenship to implement projects aimed to promoting the Russian language and culture, supporting Russian language study programs, strengthening cultural and humanitarian cooperation with Russia, supporting foreign media writing in Russian.

1.2. Grant of the Foundation is a financial support provided irretrievably and at no cost to juridical entities and physical persons to implement certain projects under the terms and conditions provided by the Foundation, and with obligatory reporting about the appropriate use of the funds received (hereinafter the Report).

1.3 Under this Agreement, a project is an event or set of events held according to the goal under this Agreement, with fixed dates of implementation, centered towards a certain group of people; based on the results of the project, some declared results shall be achieved.

1.4 The Foundation provide grants to:

· R&D institutions, foundations, museums and other cultural institutions, NGOs and religious organizations, educational institutions, social care and similar institutions, charity and non-profit organizations;

Physical persons (hereinafter Grant-seekers and Grant-receivers).

1.5 Grants of the Russkiy Mir Foundation are provided on a competitive basis. With all other conditions being equal, we choose projects with more social significance and directed to achieving practical effect. During the evaluation, the Foundation’s experts use the following criteria:

Correspondence between the project and the Foundations activity, and focus areas which receive financial support;

Relevance, novelty and innovative approach, ability to implement projects results in the work pf education institutions, NGOs and other organizations supported by the Foundation;

Target audience interested in the project and its results;

Substantiation of the required funds;

Letters of support from international and national professional institutions, associations and organizations, research and development institutions, state authorities, and educational institutions.

Letter of support from of the financial sources of other NGOS and commercial organizations with information about the amount of funds provided for the project implementation;

Future prospects for the development of the project and implementation of its outcome after the funding.

1.6 The Foundation provides grants based on the results of a competition for:

projects focused on the promotion of the Russian language;

cultural and humanitarian projects.

1.7 Projects focused on the promotion of the Russian language are projects aimed at:

teaching the Russian language, including teaching it as a non-mother or foreign language;

advanced training and additional training of Russian language and literature teachers;

developing of new training packages, teaching aids, textbooks, and other materials in order to help Russian language and literature teachers to learn the Russian language;

developing of multimedia educational resources and distance teaching system for teaching and learning the Russian language and literature;

founding and supporting Russian language schools;

arranging of Russian language and literature Olympiads and contests;

promoting the Russian language and literature through mass media;

conducting linguistic research dealing with the Russian language;

arranging of forums, conferences, round tables, festivals, holidays and other events aimed at the promotion of the Russian language and literature both throughout Russia and foreign countries.

1.8 Cultural and humanitarian projects are projects aimed at the promotion of ideas and values of the Russian world, Russias positive image-building throughout foreign countries and developing interest to its contemporary life, including:

issuing and promoting of Russian speaking mass media and other information resources dealing with the preservation and promotion of the Russian Worlds values;

making and publishing of monographs, books, albums as well as making films on the Russian World and its outstanding representatives;

arranging of forums, conferences, round tables, and seminars dealing with the study of Russia, its history and culture and their place in the world civilization;

arranging of thematic festivals, holidays, exhibitions, contests etc.;

arranging other types of cultural and humanitarian studies and events.

1.9 The list of unacceptable grant applications dealing with the following projects:

projects by profit making organizations including nonprofit making organizations having profit making structures as its members;

projects that won the Foundations grants and/or received donations from the Foundation earlier but their recipients did not fulfill their obligations that were to be fulfilled according to the Foundations grant regulations relating to the truthfulness, completeness and timeliness of the reporting on the appropriate use of the received funding;

projects by organizations founded or registered less than a calendar year before they applied for a grant;

projects that are supposed to make or gain profit;

projects focused on financing of the activity carried out by nonprofit making organizations as well as on the covering of expenses for the renovations to their premises, assets, establishment of foundations and financing the activity of regulatory and supervisory bodies;

1.10 Projects aimed at publishing books, learning materials, resource materials, albums, feature films, TV and radio programs can be covered by the Foundations grants prepress and printing costs during the publication process of the materials that will be in full sent to NGOs (according to the List provided by the Foundation) at no cost. Grant can be used for covering filming, montage, voice-over, permit for lease provided that the audiences agreed with the Foundation will be able to see these films free of charge. Royalty fees shall not be covered by the grant.

1.11 To enter the competition, Grant seekers shall apply according to rules and procedures established by the Foundation. Application form, Recommendation to the application form, as well as list of the Cover documentsand requirements to them are to be approved by an executive body of the Foundation and to be published on the Foundations web-site.

1.12 The original of the grant application and the carbon copies of the supporting documents in paper form are to be sent to the Foundation at the following address: Russian Federation, 117218, Moscow, St. Krzhizhanovsky, 13, building 2, the Russkiy Mir Foundation with an inscription in Russian that says “Grant Application”. In addition, a grant application in MS Word format is to be sent to the Foundation electronically at [email protected].

2. Application deadlines

2.1 Applications of Grant seekers are accepted two times each year:

• from 1 January to 30 June of each year - the projects, the implementation of which begins on 1 January of the following year (spring session);
from 1 July to 31 December of each year - the projects, the implementation of which begins on July 1 of the year following the year of filing of the application (autumn session).

2.2 Lodgment fate is the date when the Foundation receives the original copy (in paper) of an application together with cover document.

2.3 Provided that the application and the cover documents comply with the requirements of the Foundation, the application to be reviewed by the expert committee.

2.4 The received applications, expert reports to the applications, as well as documents of support by various organizations and physical persons are to be reviewed by the Foundations expert committees.

2.5 Decisions of grant support, funding volumes for each of the projects are to be made by the expert committees of the Foundation until 20 September and 30 March based on the results of the autumn and spring sessions accordingly. Information about the competition results is provided on the Foundations web-site; Grant seekers whose project were supported by the Foundation will receive notification thereof with the list of documents required for signing a grant agreement. List of document required of signing a grant agreement and requirements to the content (filling-in the documents) are to be provided on the Foundation web-site, too.

2.6 In case, the Grant seeker does not provide documents required for the signing of a grant agreement within 45 (forty-five) days since the notification, the relevant agreement will not be signed with the Grant seeker, and the project will be denied.

3. Procedure for providing grants

3.1 Financial support of a chosen project is done under the grant agreement signed under the terms and conditions of the Foundation.

3.2 Decision about grant support is considered made from the moment of signing a relevant grant agreement by the Executive Director of the Foundation or other authorized person.

3.3 The transfer of grant financial support is done by the Foundation in rubles, US dollars or euro under the grant agreement.

4. Reporting procedure for using grant funds

4.1 On time, provided by the current grant agreement, the Grant recipient shall provide the Foundation with a Report about the use of financial resources

4.2 The Report shall have information about the results of the projects implementation (stages of projects), as well as a financial report about the use of funds.

4.3. The Report shall have copies of payment documents or other primary documents supporting the actual costs; documents that served as basis for such payments, as well as a registry of the additional documents and copies in Russian or foreign language. Copies of the primary documents supporting the actual costs shall be certified and provided in Russian or with a translation into Russian.

4.4. The Grant recipient shall return funds not used during the projects implementation (if any) back to the Foundation.

4.5 The Foundation will approve of the Report when all documents and materials provided by the Grant recipient comply with the terms and conditions of the grant agreement and support implementation of the project, provide results of the projects implementation and data on the permitted use of funds.

4.6 The Foundation will issue a written statement to the Grant recipient when the Report will be approved. Upon receiving the Approval of the Report from the Foundation, the Grant recipient is considered free of all liabilities under the grant agreement.

5. Final provisions

5.1 This Statute comes into effect from the date of its publication of the Foundations web-site.

5.2 Forms of documents stipulated by the Statue and requirements to their execution are to be approved by the Executive Director of the Foundation; they come into effect from the date of its publication of the Foundations web-site.


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