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News Russian capital guests now can use the new touristic portal called Discover Moscow, Moscow mayor website reports. It was created for foreigner s and for Russian tourists as well. The website presents the thorough guide on 300 points of interest of Moscow and the smart map of recreative activities...

20.07.2018 Subject: Travel Donald Trump invited Russian President to Washington, TASS reports. US President has instructed the National Security Advisor John Bolton to  convey invitation to Vladimir Putin, TASS reports. According to the White House Press Secretary Sara Sanders, Vladimir Putin's visit might occur the coming fall. The sides have started to discuss the details of the visit.  ...

20.07.2018 Subject: Politics

An exhibition called Fantasy of Colors by senior teacher Marina Vestfrid was opened in Nuremberg. The children presented their acryl works inspired by a wonderful world of flowers – flowers in the garden, in the park, flowers in vases and in the field, bunches of flowers at people’s hands and as an ornament of the...

20.07.2018 Subject: Culture

Russian compatriots in British Columbia start preparing for Friendship Without Borders festival. The event to take place in Burnaby at the end of summer, reports. Multicultural Russian Compatriots' Association organizes the event. One of the central goals of this forum is to develop and popularize enormous heritage of USSR peoples'  traditions. Such events...

19.07.2018 Subject: Diaspora The Russian experts in tourism expect an increase of the tourist flow by 20 percent next year, according to RIA Novosti. As per Executive Director of Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze, these are the most cautious forecasts so far. She has mentioned that the majority of fans who came...

19.07.2018 Subject: Travel

The Russian capital has seriously taken preparations for the 125th birth anniversary of a the voice of USSR Vladimir Mayakovsky. The state museum named after the futurist poet despite it's still being reconstructed is going to welcome guests on July 19. Actors of Poetry Theatre are going to recite his futurist lyrics in one of the Moscow's central parks. The admirers of the great poet will enjoy...

19.07.2018 Subject: Culture

Mariinsky festival press service   Music festival opens in Verbier, Switzerland today, July 19th.  This festival celebrates 25-years jubilee today. At the opening the Mariinsky Theater music director Valery Gergiev will be on stage. The Verbier Orchestra under his baton will play pieces of Felix Mendelssohn, Leonard Bernstein, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov in Salle des Combins, RIA...

19.07.2018 Subject: Culture

Picture: Maria Butina/ Marina Butina/ Russian diplomats in Washington will be able to meet Russian national Maria Butina, TASS reports. As per the Russian Embassy, they could get a permission to meet with the detained Russia’s native. Besides, the Russian Embassy representatives were present at a court hearing on her case....

19.07.2018 Subject: Politics


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New Publications

At night on July 16th 1918 in the basement of Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg the Family of Nicholas the Second and a few of their attendants were executed by the order of the executive committee for the Ural Regional Council of Workers, Peasants and Military Deputies headed by the Bolsheviks. Yakov Yurovsky, a member of the Council, was in charge of the execution. Here is his story, simple and scary.  
The number of international students in Russian universities grows continuously. Today 272 thousand foreigners study in Russia. According to the Ministry of Education and Science the quantity of full-time students in Russian colleges and universities will grow up to 710 thousand in 2025. 
A Finnish volunteer Lauri Karhu spent a year and a half in Donbass. After he came home he wrote a book about the events titled The Last Bullet. The book has recently been published in Finland and is being translated into Russian at the moment. According to Lauri, the book is about unbelievable tragedy of the war and the huge price Donbass had to pay for its liberty.  
In accordance with the Franco-Russian military convention dated 1892, our countries were allies in the war always referred to as the Great War in France and as the Second Patriotic War in the Tsarist Russia. We call that cruel war the First World War. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War’s ending.
To save the past 30.06.2018
Russian immigrants hatched the idea to open The Russian Center of San Francisco during pre-war times. The Deputy Chairman of The Museum of Russian Culture at The Russian Center of San Francisco Yves Franquien talks about past and present of the major independent Russian immigration archive.