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The Russkiy Mir Foundation has undertaken an international cultural project to develop Russian Centers in partnership with educational organizations around the world. The Foundation's Russian Centers are created with the aim of popularizing Russian language and culture as a crucial element of world civilization, supporting Russian language study programs abroad, developing cross-culture dialog and strengthening understanding between cultures and peoples.

Russian Centers News

On October 10, 2019, the International Scientific Conference called Innovative Approaches in the Study and Teaching of the Russian Language in the Modern World was organized by the Hanoi branch of the Pushkin Russian Language Institute, where the Cabinet of the Russkiy Mir is located, and the University of Hanoi as part of the events dedicated to the Cross Year of Russia and Vietnam and the 60th anniversary of the creation of the University of Hanoi.
The 16th Science Festival was held in Lublin from September 14 to September 20. This year the motto of the festival is Science. Technics. Innovation. Every year, all universities and scientific institutions of Moscow, museums and libraries, which represent over 1000 projects, take part in the festival. The festival hosts numerous presentations, shows, lectures, exhibitions, etc.
Children choir Otrada (The Joy) of the orphanage at theSt.Nicholas ChernoostrovskyWomen'sMonastery(Kaluga oblast) performed in Hamburg. Classical choral works, folk songs, liturgical chants and compositions based on Russian poems were in the program.