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Andrei Pravov This week, on February 15th, comes another anniversary of the Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s been 29 years now. Time goes by and a lot of water has passed under the bridge over the Amu Daria River, the one the commander of the 40th army, General Boris Gromov, led his troops over to the Soviet territory. Veterans of that war have grown old and live in different countries now, not only the countries of the former USSR. I personally happened to meet Afghanistan veterans in the Check Republic, Germany and Israel. It is obvious that the veterans are all a part of the large Russian...

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Svetlana Alekseeva Romansiada Stars in Kremlin” Photo Irina Demkina/Facebook It's been over 20 years that International contest of Russian romance Romansiada that gathers romance lovers from all over the world. Today its regional rounds take place in seven countries with support of Russkiy Mir Foundation. What's the secret of growing popularity of Russian romance that inspires foreign singers not only to learn Russian music but also Russian language and culture? Shymkent: not to loose connection with Russian culture When in 1997 the project was conceived by Honored Artist of Russia Galina...

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Svetlana Smetanina That's what Mikhail Tarkovsky says about himself, “My way of life is hunting, and writing is a reflex." When he says 'hunting' he means it quite literary for he's been hunting since 1986 in Bakhta village, Turukhasnk district. Though, today Mikhail Tarkovsky is, first of all, a writer. In the end of 2017 he published his new book The Flight of an Owl, which “can be prescribed” to those who worries too much about Russia. Once you’ve read it, you are guaranteed to feel better, really. Gates to Russia Who knows what would have happened to Mikhail if he hadn’t left Moscow 30...

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Elena Barman India is our long-term traditional partner that has always had a steady interest in the Russian culture. Currently The Raisina Dialogue 2018 conference is taking place in New Delhi, which shows that India takes Russian political and soft power for serious. Further we shall speak about promoting the Russian language and culture in India. We would like to draw your attention, dear reader, to the work around spreading the Russian language in India. It has been especially important since the opening of the Russian Culture Centre and the Russian Research Centre at the Jawaharlal...

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Svetlana Smetanina Russian compatriots from all over Australia carried flags and banners supporting Russian Olympians at the People's Friendship parade inn Adelaide on January 26th. The march organizer, director of House of Russian Culture Vladimir Yezhov recounts how such unusual action was made possible. - How did you have that idea – to parade in support of our Olympians? - In early December IOC has announced under which conditions Russian athletes could not take part in Winter Olympics-2018: no flag at the Olympics opening, no possibility to play Russian anthem in case of victory. These...

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In recent years, Russia has been becoming a more and more attractive country for those seeking a higher education. In the past academic year alone, the number of foreign student in Russian institutions of higher education rose by almost 10%, and their number has increased 1.5 times since 2010. In their responses, the students themselves tell us about how they liked living and learning in Russia. Students from developing countries come to study in Russia, as do students from developed countries, like Spain, France, Australia, and so forth. During the 2016-2017 academic year alone, the influx of European students to Russian...

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Immortal Regiment Ireland and Russian House in Limerick invite kids from Russian educational centers to participate in the creative competition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, Russianireland website reports. Singers, dancers, reciters from 5 to 16 years old... .
The Orthodox Christians have entered into the Great Lent today – the longest and the strictest fast of all. This church custom dates back the second century. Initially it lasted for 40 hours and a century later, it was prolonged until 6 days. To... .
Germany is ready to cancel anti-Russian sanctions and start the lifting step by step. This statement was made at the meeting of Russian and German business circles by the German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel. The event was held as a part of Munich Conference on Security,... .