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Alla Berezovskaya In March 2018 the co-chairman of the Latvian Russian Union (LRU) Miroslav Mitrofanov assumed the duties of a European Parliament member replacing Tatyana Zhdanok. In an interview to Russiy Mir he told how Russian-speaking MEPs reach decisions in favor of their compatriots in the Baltics. - In my time, I managed to work in the European Parliament - I was an employee of the Greens/European Free Alliance. Since then, I have kept contacts with some workers and deputies as I maintained business and friendly relations with them. In recent years, I headed the bureau of a MEP Tatyana Zhdanok in...

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Genius Russian 19th century writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived only 44 years. Within that short time, half of which he suffered from tuberculosis which eventually put him in the grave, the writer had not only created distinguished works (20 volumes of world-famous prose), but also managed to do tremendously many things. He built four village schools, a bell tower, fire shed for peasants, the road to Lopasnya, overcoming rigid passive resistance of Zemstvo, contractors' scam and clueless peasants indifference. He put up the monument to Peter the Great in the native Taganrog, convincing...

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Svetlana Smetanina 255 years ago, on August 3 (July 22 in the Julian calendar) 1763 the Russian Empress Catherine the Great signed a manifest permitting foreigners to settle in Russia. First hundreds, then thousands, followed by hundreds of thousands foreigners found a home and a more successful life in the territory of the Russian Empire.       It is understood that Catherine II wasn’t the first Russian ruler to open the so-called window to Europe. Small as they were, windows to Europe opened even before Peter the Great’s time. “Foreigners were invited to serve the state of Russia before, as early...

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Svetlana Smetanina How come, that the biggest Russophobes in Europe today are the Poles? They have declared a war to the memorials to the Soviet soldiers and to any mentions of the Soviet epoch. A publicist and a historian Armen Gasparyan is sure that the root cases for this are deep in the history of Poland. This is what his new book The Polish Lie (The Lies of Pospolita) is about. As the author cleared out while presenting the book to the audience, the idea to write a guidebook to the epoch came to his mind when he was talking to his Polish colleague who was feeling quite negative about Russia....

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Alexandra Guzeva You might be surprised to learn that the speech patterns in Moscow and Vladivostok, separated by 9,000 km, are more similar than in Moscow and Ryazan, only 200 km apart. 1. Modern Russian is just one dialect of Old Russian The people who inhabited Ancient Russia, or Rus, were mostly illiterate, had no dictionaries to check word usage, and didn't bother too much with rules. Therefore, prior to the 14th century, the preliterary Old Russian language was, by definition, based on oral traditions: it was spontaneous and didn’t rely on fussy...

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Subject: RussianLanguage 10th BRICS Summit took place in Johannesburg on 25–27 July. There has been considerable qualitative and, which is more important, quantitative growth in the activities of the organization over last years. As BRICS moves into its second decade, the Five has evolved from "hobby club" into full-format multidisciplinary strategic partnership mechanism. BRICS  is a significant and positive example of multilateral and collective fundamentals in world affairs. Diverse in cultural and civilizational aspects, the countries build relations based on sovereign equality, respect of each...

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Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) opens its subdivision in the Vietnam capital, PrimaMedia information agency reports. It will operate at the University of Hanoi. This will be the first and the only subdivision of the Russian higher education university in the Asian country,... .
The 10th international qualification school "Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Teaching Russian as a Second Language" has been opened in the Bulgarian city of Varna. The permanent organizer of the school is Varna Free University Chernorizets... .
The Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov expressed hope that common sense would prevail in international relations, he said during his visit to the Turkish capital. This is reported by RIA Novosti. In Ankara he met his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. ... .
Summer language school for liberal arts students from Luhansk opened in Kolomna city on August 13. Russkiy Mir Foundation and Luhansk Community in Moscow have organized the event. While opening school for students-philologists, the Head of... .