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Status of Grant Applications

The status of grant applications can be viewed on the Russian version of the Russkiy Mir Foundation internet portal.  The Foundation updates the status of grant applications upon initial review by grant managers and the final expert review. Applications that do not meet the conditions stipulated in the Grant Provision Statues are not subject to a final expert review. Grant applications may be supported in full or in part. The Foundation may request additional information from applicants prior to completing the expert review.


In accordance with the Grant Provision Statutes, there are two time periods each year when the Foundation accepts grant applications for consideration: April 1 – May 30; October 1 – November 30. Upon receipt of an application, the Foundation assigns it a registration number and posts the number and name of applicant on the internet portal, where the applicant can track the status of his application. The Foundation does not personally inform applicants whose applications have not been accepted for expert review or not approved.


Click here to see the status of grants on the Russian version of the portal.


For more information about the grant application procedure, please see the Grant Provision Statutes.


You may address your questions on the Foundation’s grant program to [email protected].

grant Projects

The Russian Festival kicked off in Houston on October 27, 2018. It became the second stage of the Arts Relay festival of theatrical art. The United Russian American Association (URAA) holds the forum every year with the assistance of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.
Turgenev's Girl Competition for young fashion designers has been held on November 6, 2018. The competition is part of the project The Great Humanist Turgenev: a Look from the 21st Century dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of the writer. The Russkiy Mir Foundation supports the event.
The winners of the 11th Easy Learning Russian Federal Cup have been announced in Rust, Germany. Lena Schultz and Henriette Acheimer from the Immanuel Kant unified school in Falkensee have gained victory in the contests. Students from Brandenburg won the exciting final match held in the World of Gazprom - the Fascinating World of Energy Pavilion in Europa-Park. As a reward next spring, they will go on a multi-day trip to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.