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The meeting of children living in Istanbul with the winner of the "Ambassadors of the Russian language in the world" international volunteer program Maria Sereykina took place on January 13 in the format of a part-time interactive lesson as part of the celebration of the old New Year. Thanks to the broadcast on three Instagram pages, more than 100 children and parents were...

14.01.2021 Subject: Diaspora

Photo credit: Russian compatriots celebrated the New Year in Canada. The Manitoba Russian Speaking Association was the organizer of the New Year's online party. For the first time, its participants celebrated the holiday online. ...

02.01.2021 Subject: Diaspora

Photo credit: the official page of Ded Moroz INTERNATIONAL on Facebook Young participants from 7 to 14 years old from Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Egypt became the winners of the competition Snow Maiden of the Year 2021 INTERNATIONAL competition. The Coordinating Council of...

28.12.2020 Subject: Diaspora

In the online living room of the Russian Center of the University of Granada, a friendly meeting with students and everyone was held to talk about how the New Year is celebrated in Russia. At the event, they talked about the history of the New Year's celebration, how Russians decorate...

22.12.2020 Subject: Diaspora


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New Publications

Translation of the Holy Scriptures into Chinese is carried out by the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan. Over the eight-year period, a translation of the Gospel of Mark has been completed, and the Gospel of Matthew is in the process. The translators have made a basic glossary of biblical and theological terminology, and it is fair to say that they are working on the development of the Chinese Orthodox liturgical language. The project supervisor, rector of the Holy Cross Church in Taipei Kirill Shkarbul told the Russkiy Mir about his hopes that this translation would be able to convey the Word of God unaltered and would not be a mere retelling as other Chinese translations of the Bible.
Guzel Yakhina has gained international fame and appreciation with Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes and The Children of Mine, her two books translated into 31 languages, as well as with the Big Book literary prize and Book of the Year award. The writer told Russkiy Mir about the choice between screenwriting and literature, her attitude to criticism and scandals, as well as her understanding of the historical novel in general.
The fact that the Russian chess school is the second to none in the world is well-known to everyone in Africa who is aware of how the pieces move on the board. The fact that this is so is best known to Nadezhda Marochkina, an athlete and coach living in Senegal. On the continent, Russian chess players are treated with true reverence and even concealed fear - almost as if they were magicians.
There is a monument to Helena Antipoff, a Russian woman, in Brazil. She was a child psychologist and teacher who transformed the entire school system in this country. It was Helena Antipoff who managed to make a difference in attitude towards children with special needs. She also developed an education system for gifted children. Her legacy includes departments of psychology at local universities, a network of rural schools, and centers for gifted children, as well as the very system of public school education in Brazil that she has founded.