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Photo credit: A month of Russian cultural heritage will be held in Canada in October for the first time this year, the press service of the organizations of Russian compatriots reports. A dozen public organizations are going to participate in it. They promised to provide a heavy agenda. Numerous events...

21.08.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo: Celebration of Ivan Kupala Day for Russian-speaking and English-speaking guests took place in the city of Eugene, Oregon state. Compatriots wove wreaths of wildflowers, enjoyed gypsy fortune telling, games and tea drinking, the website of the Coordination Council of the Russian Compatriots of the USA...

11.07.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Editors of Russkiy Mir June, 26 marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Russian Center at the oldest educational institution in Serbia - the gymnasium named after Y. Y. Zmay. During these years, active work and cooperation with the Russkiy Mir Foundation allowed the creation of an active intellectual platform for learning Russian in Novi Sad. ...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Diaspora

Photo credit: VKSRS Association of Russian compatriots celebrated 30th anniversary in Algeria, reports.  A large open concert was prepared for this date. Russian Ambassador Igor Belyaev has become its honored guest.  In his speech Belyaev has noted that the local Russian Association did a lot to consolidate the Russian diaspora, and urged them to...

25.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo: website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation The conference dedicated to the history of the anti-fascist movement during the Second World War has been held in Naples, Bryansk newspaper Rassvet reports. It was included in the program of celebrations in honor of the Day of Russia. The forum participants discussed the preservation and development of the Russian world...

19.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo credit: Archival projects connected with Russian American history are absolutely necessary to preserve history of Russian compatriots who helped promoting Russian language and culture in US and to educate younger generation. This idea was proposed by participants of the country-themed conference in Russian Center, Washington, reports. ...

19.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora

The Russian House Association was established in Tunisia, the website of the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots Organizations reports. According to Russian Ambassador Sergei Nikolayev, this initiative deserves the highest marks. Diplomat expressed confidence that the activities...

18.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo: Concerts of folk groups, exhibitions of costumes of Slavic peoples, days of Slavic cuisine and other events are included in the program of the Second Festival of Slavic Cultures, which will be held from July to September in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast of Australia....

14.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo credit: Katyusha International Youth Forum-Festival for Compatriots opens in Strasbourg on Friday, June 7. It will be held under the Culture. Spirituality. Heritage motto. Among the participants are leaders of youth organizations from different countries, as well as from regions of Russia. Representatives of creative teams that popularize Russian culture abroad, and...

07.06.2019 Subject: Diaspora


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New Publications

The American Sean Quirk, who is one of musicians and the manager of the well-known in Russia and beyond Tuvinian Alash ensemble, speaks four languages. On foreign tours, he announces the songs of the ensemble in English and sings Tuvan folk songs to the public and for himself. He can please the audience with a ditty in Russian when he is asked to. Besides that, Quirk reads books in the language of his ancestors - Old Irish.
A round-the-world expedition of three Russian sailboats - the frigate Pallada and the barges Kruzenshtern and Sedov is going to start this autumn. All three sailing ships of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency have already been on the round-the-globe trips but an event of such a grand scale takes place for the first time.
How to motivate students to learn Russian language, especially if this is an extra one? Ireland teachers invented an unusual way to put together Russian classical literature and cuisine. As a result, kids don't only read Gogol and Pushkin, but also learn old recipes described in those books. They try to cook at home dishes described by great Russian writers. One of the authors of the Inspired by Food project Alexandra Puliaevskaya shares the “delicious reading” recipe.
Aloi Pilioko, a Russian Polynesian who was a longtime friend with Nicolai Michoutouchkine, a French artist of Russian origin, lives on the distant island of Vanuatu in Melanesia. Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay is still remembered in Papua New Guinea; and even Russian words are used there in speech. However there is even more surprising fact: the Papuans’ life is somewhat similar to life in remote Russian villages. We spoke to Andrey Tutorskiy, an ethnographer, associate professor of the Ethnology Department of the History Faculty in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, about this distant and exotic region and about its links to Russia.
In recent years mysteries of Tunguska meteorite have been again attracting scientists from various countries of the world to Siberia. This summer the latest International expedition has come to completion in the Tunguska Nature Reserve. Professionals from Russia, the USA, Italy and the Czech Republic took part in it. One hundred and eleven years after the meteorite’s fall into the Siberian taiga, scientists still endeavour to figure out its impact onto the ecosystem.