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Holocaust Remembrance Week kicks off in Russia

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Holocaust Remembrance Week kicks off in Russia


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Holocaust Remembrance Week started in Russia on Thursday, January, 18, RIA Novosti reports. It is being held for the 10th time. The organizer is the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). It is planned that commemorative events will cover almost all regions of the country and will continue until January, 31. Various memorial, cultural and educational events dedicated to Holocaust will be held in the country.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which coincides with the Week of Remembrance, is celebrated on January, 27, in honor of the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by Soviet soldiers. Experts note that about six million Jews became victims of the Holocaust.

The first event of the Week of Remembrance will be an evening at the Theater at the Nikitsky Gate. Its guests will congratulate Great Patriotic War veteran Ivan Martynushkin. The participant in the liberation of Auschwitz turned 100 years old. Director Mark Rozovsky has prepared a program that combines musical, lyrical and dramatic fragments from various productions.

Acting head of the RJC Mikhail Broitman recalled that the tragedy affected many families in Russia. Therefore, even today, for many, preserving the memory of the victims of the Holocaust is also preserving family memories, maintaining connections between generations.

The central event of the week will be the Keeper of Memory event. It is scheduled for January, 25. The laureates of the prize of the same name will be awarded this evening. The prize recognizes outstanding people who have made a significant contribution to preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

Two days before this, the We Will Remember event will take place in the Moscow House of Peoples of Russia. It is organized jointly with the Israeli embassy. The all-Russian online Candle of Memory campaign will be held on January, 27.

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