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1st course of Russian successfully completed in Kragujevac, Serbia

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1st course of Russian successfully completed in Kragujevac, Serbia


The course of Russian as a foreign language, created by the Mir Society of Russian Compatriots with the support of the Russian World Foundation, came to an end in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The course participants included high school and university students, as well as lovers of Russian culture of different ages. Students learned the basics of communication, grammar and phonetics, and got acquainted with the tourist attractions of Russia.

Topics related to traditions and significant holidays of modern Russia, features of traditional dishes,  amazing places and monasteries raised the most interest among the students.

At the closing of the course, the participants read their New Year's greetings in Russian. The organizers gave them teaching aids, books, New Year cards and invitation cards to the New Year's performance.

This was the first time such a Russian language course was organized in Kragujevac. And it was a huge success, arousing interest among the general public. All participants expressed a desire to continue studying the Russian language and visit Russia.

Natalia Zavirohina, Kragujevac

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