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Photo credit: More than 50% of federal museums across the country already receive visitors, TASS reports. According to the Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova, this question depends primarily on how the epidemiological situation in the regions evoloves. Furthermore, it is also...

10.07.2020 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: Orthodox Christians in Russia celebrate the Nativity of John the Baptist on Tuesday, July 7. Today, people celebrate Ivan Kupala Day, or Ivan Day, the traditions of which originated in pagan times, RIA Novosti reports. ...

07.07.2020 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: The famous Italian composer Ennio Morricone has passed away,  Interfax reports. He died on the night of July 6 in a Roman hospital. A few days 91-years old composer was hospitalized with a hip fracture. Ennio Moricone will be buried privately. ...

06.07.2020 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: The main prize of the Zerkalo Film Festival went to Nazir by Indian director Arun Kartik, TASS reports. The ceremony, like the whole festival, took place online.  The director thanked the audience and the jury for the high appreciation of his work. Kartik noted that no pandemic could stop the cinema. ...

02.07.2020 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: The comic about Soviet women who participated in the Great Patriotic War is gaining popularity in Japan, the Pobeda.RF website reports. This was stated by Kantaro Ogino, who published a manga entitled "The War Does Not Have a Female Face." The work is...

02.07.2020 Subject: Culture


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Starting from Peter the Great days, Russian glossary of nautical terms was compiled based on Dutch terms. Furthermore, it experienced a significant impact from English, German and Italian terminology. Events associated with naval glory of Russia can be reconstructed through interpretation of those inherent terms. The Battle of Chesma is one of such events.
Russia Day is celebrated on June 12. 30 years have passed since the signing of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. This date is especially symbolic on the eve of the constitutional vote. After all, amendments to the Basic Law are not only about social guarantees, the protection of labor rights and the distribution of powers between branches of government. They are also about Russia - about its national interests and values.
Amid coronavirus outbreak, America has been taken over by the Black Lives Matter movement that opposes violence against blacks. In various cities across the country, some protesters line up and march against police arbitrariness chanting the name of the deceased George Floyd, others trash shops and supermarkets, and overthrow monuments; there are also those who curse the rebels from the stands. Members of the Russian-speaking community of the United States have been both witnesses and hostages of this situation. We asked them to comment on current developments.