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Photo credit: The official closing ceremony of the Year of the periodic table was held in Tokyo, TASS reported. The events dedicated to this occasion were attended by Russian scientists. Guests from Russia gave lectures to students and schoolchildren, visited the...

06.12.2019 Subject: Education

Russian language courses began to work on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. The first group enrolled twelve people. Lessons for them are conducted by Ekaterina Kalashnikova. The Russian woman lives on the island and is a member of a conservation project related to the study of marine mammals. ...

05.12.2019 Subject: Education

Photo credit: A conference for high school students who study Russian as a second langua age was held at Oxford High School. Over 150 students from fifteen leading schools in the UK took part in it. During the conference, schoolchildren, teachers and scientists discussed historical, political...

27.11.2019 Subject: Array

A project of traveling lectures on the Russian language, which has been implemented in Germany for nine years, has also opened in Austria. Lecturers from Russia travel by car to cities in Austria, where they conduct classes and various events aimed at popularizing the Russian language, TASS reports. ...

25.11.2019 Subject: Education

Photo credit: Russian universities have been included in the list of the best universities presented by Times Higher Education, RIA Novosti reports. THE ratings were compiled in the areas of physical sciences, life sciences, medical and health sciences and psychology. ...

20.11.2019 Subject: Education

Photo credit: An exhibition of Russian universities has opened in the capital of Bulgaria for the first time, TASS reports. Twelve leading higher educational institutions of Russia presented their educational programs in the building of the Russian Cultural and Information Center. Among...

15.11.2019 Subject: Education


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New Publications

There are not more than 10 actors and directors from Greece who were graduated from Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS). And there were no doctorates in art history. The first is to become Vasiliki Veltsista who is going to submit her thesis this year.
Sergey Sinelnik, an honored traveler of Russia, has covered tens of thousands of miles in sea runs, thousands of kilometers through great deserts of the world, climbing the highest peaks, and that's not all. And yet his main passion is sea. For several years now Sergey, his wife and children have been circumnavigating the globe on the wooden Pilgrim, a replica of traditional boats of Russian coast-dwellers – the Koch. And before that, he reached the shores of Australia on the Rusich boat, which is actually just a large wooden skiff. And the ancient Slavic vessel was a smash there.
There is a place in Finland, where they tell about the history of Russia in 15 languages every day, without a lunchbreak. Sveaborg (or Suomenlinna in Finnish) is a fortress which is now part of Helsinki city limits. It was founded by Sweden in the 18th century, then conquered and reconstructed by Russia, which owned the fortress for more than a hundred years, and passed it to Finland in 1917 following the country’s independence.
For a long time very little was known about life of white émigrés in Turkey. Although it was Constantinople that became the main transfer site for hundreds of thousands of refugees from Russia after the October Revolution and the Civil War. Perhaps this gap would not have been filled for a very long time if it were not for the selfless work of our compatriot Marina Sigirji. A few days ago she presented her book “Thank you, Constantinople! In the footsteps of white émigrés in Turkey” in the House of Russian Émigré Community.
The first Russian person that Joshua Braganza met was a circus mechanic. Joshua grew up in a small town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where nearly everyone knew each other. The Russian’s name was Nikolai, and he was notable for his education: he was well versed in literature and music. Nikolai shared what winter was like in Russia and about beauty of its nature. Those stories spread a fairy tale sensation - this is how children perceive a narrative of a journey to faraway lands. Perhaps that was the time when the boy got a forefeeling in his soul that his whole subsequent life would be connected with Russia.