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Photo credit: Orthodox Russians and residents of other countries on Thursday, January 7, celebrate the Nativity of Christ. It was this event that was taken as the beginning of a new era in the history of mankind 2021 years ago, TASS reports. ...

07.01.2021 Subject: Religion

The editorial team of the Russkiy Mir Foundation wishes a Merry Orthodox Christmas Day to all our readers, colleagues and allies! Let it be merry and magical. Let your hearts to be filled with peace and joy! Russkiy Mir ...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Religion

Photo credit: the official page of the "Orthodox Church in the Dominican Republic" community on Facebook / Orthodox believers in the Dominican Republic received their temple, the Thomas magazine writes. The community of the Russian Church Abroad has been...

26.12.2020 Subject: Religion

Photo credit: The Russian Orthodox Church received the temple of the Apostle Bartholomew in Granada (Spain), Interfax reports. The building was handed over to the parish of the Moscow Patriarchate by...

16.10.2020 Subject: Religion

Photo credit: Day of the Baptism of Rus is celebrated on Tuesday, July 28, in Russia, TASS reports. It is timed to commemorate the Great Duke Vladimir, who is called the Baptist of Russia. In the 13th century, the Russian Orthodox Church canonized him. In honor of this day,...

28.07.2020 Subject: Religion

Photo credit: Seventy food packages were received by starving families in Davao and the village of Kayupu in the Philippines. The aid was organized by the Philippine-Vietnamese Diocese, which is part of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Southeast Asia of the Russian Orthodox...

28.05.2020 Subject: Religion


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Dostoevsky is online, Tolstoy shared a life hack from country life, and Chekhov posted something funny... Many Russian classic authors have pages in social media, including English-language ones, and they have millions of subscribers. People from all over the world want their news feed to feature posts about new translations of Dostoevsky or a memorable date associated with Leo Tolstoy’s life, not just sales ads and pictures with cute kittens.
Argentina has received, possibly, the most important gift before Catholic Christmas – Sputnik V vaccine from Russia. 300,000 doses have arrived by the airplane that spent almost 24 hours in flight. The Russian vaccine promoter, the Russian Center at the Buenos Aires University has played important role in this action.
Translation of the Holy Scriptures into Chinese is carried out by the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan. Over the eight-year period, a translation of the Gospel of Mark has been completed, and the Gospel of Matthew is in the process. The translators have made a basic glossary of biblical and theological terminology, and it is fair to say that they are working on the development of the Chinese Orthodox liturgical language. The project supervisor, rector of the Holy Cross Church in Taipei Kirill Shkarbul told the Russkiy Mir about his hopes that this translation would be able to convey the Word of God unaltered and would not be a mere retelling as other Chinese translations of the Bible.
Guzel Yakhina has gained international fame and appreciation with Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes and The Children of Mine, her two books translated into 31 languages, as well as with the Big Book literary prize and Book of the Year award. The writer told Russkiy Mir about the choice between screenwriting and literature, her attitude to criticism and scandals, as well as her understanding of the historical novel in general.