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15 Russian international schools to appear abroad

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15 Russian international schools to appear abroad


MGIMO. Photo credit: Victoria 959 / ru.wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

MGIMO will open a dozen Russian international schools in other countries, the Izvestia newspaper reports. The project will allow students to receive a quality education within the Russian standards. They will also be able to take the Russian Unified State Exam.

In addition, the Russian university plans to train 3,000 teachers working abroad. The implementation of the project has already begun in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, where lyceum classes have been opened. Children 15 years and older study there.

This year, a center for taking state exams appeared in Tashkent. 103 people received Russian certificates, 40 of them continued their education at the MGIMO University. Most graduates chose Russian universities to continue their studies.

Two Russian international schools have also opened in Turkey. The largest educational center has become a school in Silifka, where children of Akkuyu NPP employees study. It is designed for 1,300 people. The 2nd educational institution is located in Istanbul. Graduates of both schools will receive certificates from two countries.

There are plans to open schools in China and the UAE.

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