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Russians in Australia protest against violation of their rights

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Russians in Australia protest against violation of their rights


Photo credit: E. Samarin / (CC BY 4.0)

Several hundred people went to a rally in support of Russia's actions in Adelaide, Australia, RIA Novosti reports.

They gathered in the square in front of the South Australian State Parliament building today, February, 25. According to the organizers, the rally was authorized, the police kept order and did not interfere with the participants. They also demanded to stop infringing on the rights of Russian-speaking residents of the city. According to one of the activists of the community, Vasily Koinov, children who speak Russian are bullied by their classmates. There are cases when Russian-speaking people are insulted on the street, and the police prefer not to interfere.

Under a fictitious pretext of "security", the Russian-speaking community was not allowed to join the participants of the Australia Day festival.

The activist said that he handed out Russian flags to passers-by, which they took with pleasure.

Ataman of the Cossacks in Adelaide, 72-year-old Alexander Kozlov, believes that many Russian-speaking residents of Australia are intimidated and afraid for their children. And this situation is in many ways reminiscent of the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, he specified.

The ataman of the Australian Cossacks in Sydney, Semyon Boikov, helped organize the rally.

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