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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!



On January 7, Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas, one of the most important Christian holidays. All churches hold festive services. Patriarch Kirill held the main service at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

Christmas is celebrated on old style by the congregants of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as the Jerusalem, Georgian, Serbian and Polish Orthodox churches. On this day Christmas is also celebrated by millions of believers in Ukraine, where more than 11 thousand parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church function. 

Christmas is one of the most important dates for all Russian people. It’s the time for joining together and honouring a millenia-old tradition. 

Russia is the multi-religious country, but Christmas has a great power that brings the people together, and therefore we congratulate all Orthodox believers and all people of Russian culture!

We wish you peace, joy and prosperity!

Merry Christmas! 

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The Youth Talks debate club at the Center for the Benelux Languages and Cultures has launched its new session on July 17th. The Center director Maria Pushkova and students Anna Balashova and Daniil Volkov talk about their projects, for the most part associated with commemoration of World War 2 and the Belgian Resistance.