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Italian Prime Minister candidate calls for lifting anti-Russian sanctions

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Italian Prime Minister candidate calls for lifting anti-Russian sanctions


A candidate for the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini heading the right-wing League party calls for lifting the sanctions against Russia. The politician refers to them as insanity, RIA Novosti informs. In his opinion, these restrictions are directed at friendly neighboring market. He has claimed that he wants to work for the sake of peace and, not the sake of war. Salvini is sure that the main threat to Europe is the Islamic terrorism, at this, sanctions are imposed against Russia for some reasons. “Are you really afraid of being captured by the Russian army?” the politician asked citizens of Udin, the city located in the north of Italy.

He also believes that the Italians should return control over their own country. We do not need Berlin, Paris or Brussels explain us how to rule the country.

Note that the best result at the parliamentary elections in Italy held at the beginning of March was delivered by the center-left coalition including ex-Prime Minister Berlusconi representing Italy Ahead, League headed by Salvini and Brothers of Italy headed by Meloni. These parties as well as Five Star Movement support cancellation of anti-Russian sanctions and development of relations with the Russian Federation. These Italian politicians came to Crimea in person. They talked to the Crimean population and with the Crimean administration. They were convinced that the peninsula joint Russia following its own will.

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