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Denmark bars Russian football fans from Euro 2020 game

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Denmark bars Russian football fans from Euro 2020 game


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The Danish authorities have barred Russian football fans from attending the match of the UEFA Euro Cup in Copenhagen, RBC reports. 

This decision is explained by the fact that the tournament is considered a tourist event in Denmark. "At the moment, tourism is not included in the list of purposes for which entry to Denmark is allowed," the country's embassy in Russia said.

The Russian Football Union (RFU) asked UEFA to help resolve this issue. The RFU promised to do everything to get the fans to the game. The match is scheduled for 
June 21, it will be held in Copenhagen. About 2,500 Russians bought tickets for the game. 

The decision on the admission of foreign fans to the stadiums is beyond the scope of UEFA. It is the local authorities who sets the corresponding rules.

Russia, for its part, did everything possible to welcome football fans to the Euro Cup games. Ticket holdes don't have to obtain Russian visas, they will only need to get a FAN ID and take a coronavirus test before entering Russia.

EURO 2020 will be held from June, 11 to July, 11 in 11 cities.The European Championship turned 60. In the post-Soviet space, the championship matches were to be hosted by St. Petersburg and Baku. Three group stage matches and one of the quarterfinals were to be held in St. Petersburg. The city will now host seven matches of the tournament: six matches from Groups B and E and one quarter-finals. 

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