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Monument to Sergei Prokofiev unveiled in downtown Moscow

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Monument to Sergei Prokofiev unveiled in downtown Moscow


Photo: Ministry of Culture of the RF
A monument to Sergei Prokofiev has been unveiled in downtown Moscow, reports RIA «Novosti». It was installed in Kamergersky lane next to the apartment building the composer used to live.

Speaking at the official ceremony dated to Sergei Prokofiev’s birthday anniversary, Art Director of the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev described the composer as Mozart of the 20th century. He noted that Sergei Prokofiev belongs to the whole world but to Russia in the first place. The composer was born in a suburb of Donetsk, studied in Saint Petersburg and loved Moscow. Valery Gergiev underlined there is no need to explain why one should feel proud of Prokofiev’s legacy and why the composer is considered to be similar to Tchaikovsky.

As it was reported by Russkiy Mir website, the 125th birthday anniversary of Sergei Prokofiev was widely commemorated in spring 2016. On 23 April, his compositions were performed at a great number of grounds and a musical marathon became the highlighted event of the festive program.

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