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Congratulations on Victory Day!

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Congratulations on Victory Day!


Dear colleagues and friends,

The 9 May will forever remain a day of joy and happiness.

This victory was shared by people from different countries, by people of different background and different confessions. Today, when there are those willing to reconsider the results and misrepresent the historical truth, our shared memories will help us to preserve trust and understanding between the countries and the people.

Mutual support and solidarity built over the hard years of war will remain a basis for developing comprehensive cooperation between the countries.

We shall never forget the unexampled heroism of the soldiers from different countries who had fought close together, as well as the heroism of the civilians who had selflessly worked behind the lines in the name of the Great Victory.

Millions of fallen in the battle with the Nazis managed to defend their Motherland; at the expense of their lives, they saved our world from this deadly danger. To forget this is to clear the way for the new “brown plague” again.

Our sacred responsibility is to teach our youth to love and to cherish our country, teach them to be proud of our great history.

The Russkiy Mir Foundation congratulates everyone on the Day of the Great Victory! We wish you health, happiness and peaceful skies over your heads!

Congratulatory address by Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the Russkiy Mir Foundation

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As the Russkiy Mir reported, residents of Papua New Guinea addressed the head of the Russian Orthodox Church with a collective petition to establish an Orthodox mission in their country. This proposal was put forward after Kirill Shrakbul, a priest and head of the ROC mission in Taiwan, had visited Papua New Guinea.