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Alexey Maresyev Museum to Open in Vologda Oblast

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Alexey Maresyev Museum to Open in Vologda Oblast


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The city of Kamyshev in Vologda oblast will be celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the famous pilot of the Great Patriotic war Alexey Maresyev. To celebrate the date, the city authorities will open a museum dedicated to the fellow citizen, reports Interfax. The renovation of the future museum has already started.

The exposition will tell the story of the Soviet hero made famous by writer and journalist Boris Polevoy, author of “The Story of a Real Man”, a novel telling how the pilot returned to flights after having both legs taken off.

The museum will have an art gallery, as well.

According to the local authorities, one of the highlights of the museum will a flight simulator. Every guest of the venue will be able to test it.

2016 was announced to be the year of Alexey Maresyev in the Vologda Oblast. According to the Russkiy Mir foundation, a city event to the literacy was organized as well. Parts of Polevoy’s novel were used as a dictation sample.

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