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Flag of 9th Russkiy Mir Assembly Raised in Suzdal

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Flag of 9th Russkiy Mir Assembly Raised in Suzdal


The flag of the 9th Russkiy Mir (Russian World) Assembly has been hoisted at the 950th Anniversary Park in Suzdal. This year, the annual assembly of Russian compatriots and Russian language and culture enthusiasts from all over the world will take place at the historical heart of Russia—the land of the ancient Vladimir-Suzdal.

“We are raising the flag of the Russian World within a hundred steps from the monument to Dmitry Pozharsky who was buried in the Suzdal land,” said Sergei Shurygin, Deputy Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. “Thanks to the heroes of our Homeland, Minin and Pozharsky, the National Unity Day was born on 4 November. There is a reason that, ever since the ancient Rus, the white color has been a symbol of purity, blue—of sky and honor, and red—of love and courage. These are the colors of the Russian World, they reflect the goals and meaning of our movement.”

The assembly in Suzdal has brought together people 650 people from 59 countries all over the globe. The event that takes place in the Year of Literature will be devoted to the languages of modern literature in the Russian World, the development of the Russian language and the place of the Russian World in the modern civilization.

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