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V Russian-Norwegian Cultural Forum Opens in Syktyvkar

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V Russian-Norwegian Cultural Forum Opens in Syktyvkar


June 11-12, 2014 in Syktyvkar is hosting the V Russian-Norwegian Cultural Forum on the theme “Culture and Society”. More than 100 people – representatives of the Kingdom of Norway, Arkhangelsk and the Murmansk regions, the Nenets Autonomous District, Republic of Karelia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Komi Republic – are taking part in the four sections of the forum.

The event is held in the framework of the Russian-Norwegian Cooperation Action Plan in the field of culture in the Far North. The forum aims to provide enrichment original national cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and Norway. The event will discuss the current issues of cultural policy, the establishment of new partnerships contacts, agreements on joint projects and initiatives.

The forum is part of a joint plan for cultural cooperation in the High North. The forum is held once a year, alternately in Russia and Norway. The first forum was held in Arkhangelsk in 2010, the second – in 2011 in the Norwegian town of Harstad, the third – in 2012 in the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk. In 2013 in Bodø and Svolvær of the Norwegian county of Nordland was held the fourth forum, where it was decided to hold the V Russian-Norwegian Cultural Forum in the capital of Komi – Syktyvkar. 

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