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EU refuses to open borders for Russian travelers from July 1

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EU refuses to open borders for Russian travelers from July 1


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Brussels refused to add Russia to the list of countries for which the borders of the European Union will be open from the beginning of next month, TASS reports. The reason for this decision in Europe was called the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Russia.

It is the development of the situation with coronavirus in the country that does not make it possible to include Russia in the first list of countries for which the EU will open borders from July 1. This is logical, since the new coronavirus began to spread much later in Russian territory than in many European countries. The list will be broadened over time.

The Western press earlier reported that the European Union did not want to open entry for Russians, Brazilians and Americans, since in their states there was a danger of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the European Commission called on all EU countries to open internal borders by June 15. In addition, it advised to begin the phased opening of external borders from July 1. Moreover, according to EU standards, all legal decisions on border crossing procedures are not made by the EU institutions, but by the governments of its member states.

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