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Putin congratulated Russians on New Year

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Putin congratulated Russians on New Year


Russian President Vladimir Putin wished the Russians a Happy New Year. He said that we live in a turbulent, dynamic, contradictory time, and it is important to do everything so that our life changes for the better, TASS reports.

The head of state noted that our future, the future of our children depends on the efforts and contribution of each of us. He called on meeting the challenges facing society and the country together.

The president recalled that in 2020 we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. “Our unity is the basis for achieving any of the highest goals,” the Russian leader emphasized. “These values were passed on to us by our ancestors, the heroic, unbending generation of winners.”

Vladimir Putin wished compatriots to show their best features that transform the world - sincerity, purity of thoughts, selflessness, attention to loved ones. He added that all families in Russia are united by the atmosphere of kindness and care that prevails during the New Year holidays. “May the happiness of mutual understanding settle in your home forever, help overcome all difficulties, and unite generations,” the head of state said. “May the parents be healthy and always feel your attention, and let each child know that he or she is the most beloved.”

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