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Vladimir Putin International Prize established in Burkina Faso

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Vladimir Putin International Prize established in Burkina Faso


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The international award, which bears the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was established in the capital of Burkina Faso, TASS reports. It is planned that the award will be presented for contributions ''to the struggle for the liberation of the peoples of Africa.'' The first awards ceremony will take place on December, 28 near the monument to Thomas Sankara in Ouagadougou.

The prize was founded by the Ivorian writer Sylvain Takue. He is a member of the ''Total support for Vladimir Putin in Africa public organization.

The founder of the organization, Mahamadi Sawadogo, said that the prize will be awarded to leaders who fight for the liberation of their people. According to him, with the help of this award it will be possible to pay tribute to real leaders who understood the need to diversify partnerships. In addition, the award will become a symbol of gratitude to the Russian president. Vladimir Putin has always remained committed to the liberation of Africa, Mahamadi Sawadogo stressed.

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