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Putin: situation in the world requires joint decisions

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Putin: situation in the world requires joint decisions


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Attempts to create confrontational situations in the world continue, noted Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the G20 summit. The forum took place on Wednesday, November, 22, and was held online, TASS reports.

The President recalled that the G20 format was conceived so that solutions could be found to the most important issues on the international agenda. 

The situation in the global economy, and in the world in general, requires joint decisions, and it is necessary to take into account the opinions of different countries, Putin noted. He drew attention to the fact that Russia is fulfilling all its obligations in the field of food exports, and recalled that the first ships with free Russian grain had already been sent to African countries.

Putin noted that Russia is not at all responsible for the stress in the global economy. He blamed the unsustainable economic situation on the world's largest economies, whose actions at the macroeconomic level are not well thought out.

Investments of huge funds in the economy and in the banking sector have led to global inflation, rising prices for food and energy resources, and an increase in key interest rates. The poorest countries suffered the greatest damage, Vladimir Putin said.

Unlawful restrictions on trade and the biased climate agenda of some countries, which they pursue in order to increase their competitiveness, also played a role. He called the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines the most evident example of this.

Putin also touched upon the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, this is certainly a tragedy. The world needs to start looking for ways to stop it as quickly as possible. Military actions are always a tragedy, but it was Kyiv that refused negotiations and blocked all opportunities for dialogue, the Russian leader noted. In turn, Moscow never abandoned them.

The bloody coup in Ukraine in 2014, which was followed by the war of the Kyiv regime against its people in the Donbass, and the extermination of the civilian population in Palestine and the Gaza Strip, is also a tragedy, Vladimir Putin noted.

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