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Vladimir Putin signs updated State Migration Policy Concept

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Vladimir Putin signs updated State Migration Policy Concept


Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the updated Concept of State Migration Policy. He announced this at the opening of the World Congress of Russian Compatriots living abroad, according to the Kremlin website.

The head of the state said that the concept “is aimed as well at creating more comfortable conditions for compatriots resettlement to Russia for permanent residence and at creation of clear rules of entry and the right to live, work, acquire Russian citizenship”.

The document would resolve many problems mentioned by compatriots, the barriers would be removed, he said and urged to see the concept’s work in practice.

In addition, Russia will continue to defend the rights and interests of compatriots abroad. This is especially important now when the tension is escalated in the world. The president called the current situation difficult. Tensions and unpredictability are increasing, the basic international law are being undermined, and long-standing agreements between states are crumbling, he explained. Unfortunately, Russophobia and other forms of aggressive nationalism are increasing.

In Ukraine, in the Baltic republics, in some other states, the authorities are trying to rewrite history, demolish monuments, fight against Russian language.

People are intimidated and the natural desire of each person to preserve their national roots is declared a crime, separatism. The right to freedom of speech, to preserve their traditions is grossly violated, the President stressed. Bans on professions are imposed on some of our compatriots for political reasons. Many feel the consequences of such hard pressure, he added.

We will decisively protect your rights and interests, use all the existing bilateral and international mechanisms for this, Putin said.

The improvement of the program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots to Russia will continue. For twelve years about 800 thousand people moved to Russia within the program.

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