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Poland continues demolition of Soviet monuments. Six more pulled down

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Poland continues demolition of Soviet monuments. Six more pulled down


6 monuments to Soviet soldiers have been destroyed in Poland over the last several days, according to RIA Novosti. Head of the Russian Defense Ministry's representative office for organization and implementation of military memorial work in Poland Alexey Fomichev commented that 6 Soviet monuments more were dismantled over the last 6 days wihtout any notice to the Russian authorities.

Russian Ambassador to Poland demanded to stop demolition of the memorials and sent the demands to Polish Ministry of Culture and to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

Pulling down the monuments and erasing the memory on Soviet Union's contribution into liberation of the country from the Fascist invaders are in accordance with amendment into the law on ban of Communism propaganda, which came into force last Autumn. This law admits demolition of all monuments of the Soviet period, i. e. more than 450 memorials across Poland, 230 of them being dedicated to the Red Army soldiers. This law does not concern cemeteries and military mass graves.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already mentioned that Poland is deploying Russophobia as a national idea all across the country.

According to the latest data, 9 monuments including the monument of gratitude to the Red Army, the obelisk in honor of the Red Army soldiers and the memorial to the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood-in-arms in western Poland, have been annihilatd already in 2018.

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