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The winners of My Russian World photo competition announced

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The winners of My Russian World photo competition announced


The Russian World photo competition has come to a conclusion. 400 people from all over Russia participated in the competition. Most of the works are published on the competition website page.

According to the rules, the jury has choosen best photos in following nominations: Russian World Faces, Memorable Places of the Russian World, Russian World Events.
Winners of My Russian World photo competition

The contest was organized by Russkiy Mir Foundation on the occasion of its 10th anniversary celebrated this year. The Russkiy Mir competition aimed to find images that communicate about Russian World traditions, people, arts and crafts, nature, cultural and historical heritage. These photographs suppose to attract Russian and foreign audience to the contemporary Russian realities, as well as support a development of creative potential and esthetic taste in amateur photographers.

The most engaging photographs to be presented at the 11th Russian World Assembly in Nijny Novgorod (3-4 of November 2017). 

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