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Russian culture committee established in Japan

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Russian culture committee established in Japan


Russian Federation Embassy in Japan/FacebookJapan plans to popularize Russian culture, TASS advises. Russia in Japan organizing committee was established for this purpose only. Nikkei online edition, Dentsu advertising company and Tokyu corporation were included into the committee. Our country was presented by Gazprom-media holding. It will start working at the beginning of next year; its activity is planned for five years ahead.

According to So Morita representing Tokyu, the committee will encompass a large sector and will not be confined to a single direction. It will deal with opera, popular modern singers, television and even Russian national cuisine.

Of course, events dedicated to the World Football Cup to take place in Russia will be of special importance. The national team of Japan will also take part in the competitions.

At present, the Russian culture has many fans in the Country of the Rising Sun. The Japanese know Russian ballet, classical music and literature well. Cheburashka is popular among Japanese not less than in Russia.

However, the representative of the organizing committee believes that overall, they cannot say that they know Russian culture well. This work is directed at filling this kind of gaps.

Russia in Japan committee will cooperate with organizers of the Cross Year of Russia and Japan in 2018. Its agenda includes 200 activities planned in more than 45 cities.

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