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The Monument to Soviet Soldiers opens in Province of Ontario

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The Monument to Soviet Soldiers opens in Province of Ontario


Russian congress of CanadaSoviet soldiers memorial was open at the Ethnocultural center in Ontario province, Russian congress of Canada informs. Memorial and Walk of Fame setting initiators are Veterans of the WW2 Association and Russian diaspora activists.

More than 100 people took part in the solemn ceremony of the Soviet soldiers memorial opening. WW2 veterans, Russian Embassy in Canada officials, journalists and Russian compatriots paid a tribute to the memory of Soviet Soldiers who lost their lives in battles for liberation Europe from Nazism.

The head of Veterans of the WW2 Association Vyacheslav Volkov has greeted all those present. He has reminded the motto “Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten.” This motto is engraved on the black marble memorial. After the gathering was concluded, Russian compatriots sang a song Oh, Roads (“Eh, dorogi”) and made pictures against the memorial.

The Victory Park is going to be created in this area. It is going to be one of the centers for Russian Canadians.

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