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Putin: Russia is informed about upcoming chemical weapons provocations in Syria

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Putin: Russia is informed about upcoming chemical weapons provocations in Syria


Vladimir Putin and Sergio Mattarella/ RF President Administration

Moscow has intel that chemical weapons provocative acts are currently being prepared in more regions in Syria, including Damascus, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella, TASS reports.

"We have information from various sources that such provocations, and I can't call them anything else, are being prepared in other regions of Syria, including southern suburbs of Damascus, where they intend to plant some substance and blame the official Syrian authorities for its use," Putin told a briefing.

He has underlined that Russia will officially turn to the UN in the Hague for an investigation of the chemical weapons' use in Idlib. A decision will be made depending on the results of this investigation.

Russian president compared the current situation in Syria after the U.S. missile attack with the situation in Iraq of fourteen years ago. Washington started a military operation in that country under the contrived pretext of Iraq authorities having chemical weapons. As a result of such actions, the country fell apart and terrorist threat increased due to the Islamic State appearance.

“The same situation is happening now, partners agree with such state of affairs,” Vladimir Putin added.

President reminded one more time that it is possible to reach the victory over terrorism only by joining efforts of the whole world community.

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