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Delegation of EU, Brazil and Kyrgyzstan politicians arrives in Crimea

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Delegation of EU, Brazil and Kyrgyzstan politicians arrives in Crimea


Parliament members from some European countries, Brazil and Kyrgystan visited the Crimean Peninsula, TASS reports.

Foreign delegation plans to meet local authorities in Crimea, leaders of communities, in particular, the Crimean Tatars’ community, representatives of various social organizations and go sightseeing.

Deputy of the State Duma and a Just Russia party member Alexei Chepa has mentioned in his interview to the reporters that one of the major tasks is to prove to the European Parliament members and counterparts from other countries that it was the good will of the Crimean population to join the Russian Federation three years ago and there was no any pressure from the Russian side exerted on them.

According to Alexei Chepa, the delegation members have an opportunity to witness evident improvement in the living standards of Crimean people since Crimea’s reunification with Russia and the fact that the majority of population is happy with their choice. After visiting the Peninsula and finding enough evidence of that, the parliament members hopefully will be able to share the truth with their colleagues and leaders of the European countries.

The foreign delegation should have included the parliament members from Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and even Ukraine; however, they refused to come to Crimea at the last moment.

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