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Russia and USA prepare Putin and Trump meeting

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Russia and USA prepare Putin and Trump meeting


Photo: Russian President Administration
The preparation for the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American colleague has been already launched. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov informed during his presentation in the State Duma, RIA Novosti quotes. According to him, this question was discussed at the first meeting of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Neither place, nor time of the presidents’ meeting is defined today; however, the preparation for it has started.

Russia sincerely hopes to build a constructive dialogue with Washington. It has called for such a dialogue for a long time. “We are positive about his (US President Donald Trump’s) public statements about necessary stabilization of relations between two countries,” Ryabkov claimed. He reminded that Trump not once stated the necessity of stabilizing bilateral relations. He confirmed this intention during phone conversation with Vladimir Putin.

The diplomat has underlined that this dialogue should be based on equal rights and without “attempts of blackmailing”.

At this, the opponents of the U.S. President continue to reinforce frenzy about Russia in order to discredit Trump, Deputy Minister believes. “New US President encountered stiff anti-Russian mood among the Washington elite right from the start,” Ryabkov said. He pointed out that Moscow is striving hard to minimize possible harm of opponents’ influence on the perspectives of Russian-American dialogue.

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