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Egypt addresses Russian Language Conference

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Egypt addresses Russian Language Conference


Pasant Elzaitony

The 15th Russian Language Conference in Moscow, themed "The Message of the Russian Language in a Multipolar World," sparked broad discussions among delegates from 77 countries. They debated Russian language teaching issues, curriculum development, and educational challenges and solutions.

Sherif Gad, head of the Egyptian Association of Russian and Soviet University Graduates, and Dr. Mohamed Nasr El-Gebaly, Dean of the Al-Alsun Faculty at Luxor University, delivered Egypt's address. Gad suggested that Russian language curricula abroad should originate from the "Russkiy Mir" Foundation, an authoritative institution. He emphasized the importance of translating between Russian and Arabic, signing cooperation protocols for translation selection, securing intellectual property rights, and participating in annual book fairs.

Sherif Gad Gad commented on the current phenomenon where Europe and America are boycotting Russian culture, a move he finds unacceptable to peoples. He recommended Russia leverage its soft power and diverse cultural capabilities, beyond just ballet, folk arts, and music, through commercial contracts. He urged the Russian Ministry of Culture to foster cooperation with global nations via cultural exchange.

Dr. El-Gebaly discussed supporting the Russian language abroad, the challenges faced by language departments in Egypt, and their role in disseminating and translating Russian culture, language, and literature in Egypt and the Arab world.

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