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France presents two-volume book for Turgenev's anniversary

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France presents two-volume book for Turgenev's anniversary


Various events in France featured the presentation of The Path to Love bilingual two-volume edition in October-November. Published with the backing of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The edition commemorates the 205th anniversary of Ivan Turgenev's birth.

During literary and musical events hosted in Paris and Marseille, the head of the Platform for International Development Perspectives association and the director of Natania publishing house introduced a specially curated collection in celebration of the writer's birthday. The audience was treated to a display of R. Sigiel's illustrations featured in the publication, alongside children's drawings depicting Turgenev's works. The festivities included recitals of the writer's prose poems in both Russian and French, as well as musical renditions of romances inspired by the poetry of Russian writers.

Residing in Europe for a substantial portion of his life, Turgenev did not lose touch with Russia. At the center of the social and literary life of his time, he was "an ambassador for the Russian intelligentsia" in the West. His comprehensive education, fluency in European languages and breadth of talent gave him a unique place in the history of Russian-European cultural ties.

The publication was also presented at the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Orthodox Center in Paris as part of the IX Salon of Russian Books. Book presentations are scheduled for the latter half of December in Switzerland and Belgium.

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