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Russian Cinema Day celebrated in Stara Zagora

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Russian Cinema Day celebrated in Stara Zagora


A holiday dedicated to the Day of Russian Cinema was organized for children at the Russian Center in Stara Zagora, in order to arouse interest in Russian films and get acquainted with the history of cinema.

Children were interested in the exhibition of books from the library fund of the center. They looked at photographs of famous actors with pleasure and got acquainted with the film professions: director, cameraman, screenwriter, actor, composer, make-up artist, editor.

Then the students were shown cartoons. The guys were actively solving riddles, recognizing the fairy-tale heroes of the wonderful island Chunga-changa, Antoshka, Buratino, Kolobok, Cheburashka and the crocodile Gena.

Boris Knizharov, a teacher of the Russian language, conducted musical rhythmic gymnastics to songs from his favorite cartoons, replenishing the vocabulary of children and explaining unfamiliar words and expressions.

Tsvetana Ivanova, Stara Zagora

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