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Tarkovsky Film Festival to be avialable online this year

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Tarkovsky Film Festival to be avialable online this year


Photo credit: a shot from the festival's credits on YouTube

The Zerkalo (Mirror in Russian) Film Festival, which bears the name of famous director Andrei Tarkovsky, will be held online this year, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper writes. It will take place on the platform of the Tvzavr online cinema.

The festival program will open on June 25. Some films will be avialable for free but tickets will be needed to watch premieres. The online platform will also present broadcasts of interviews with directors and actors, online brunches with jury members and even a nightly online cafe where guests will talk about the movie live. Spectators will be able to take part in all these events.

The festival is held every year by the Ivanovo region, the small homeland of the legendary director. For almost a dozen years of its existence, the film forum has become an important event in the cultural life of the region. This year, the festival will be held for the 14th time in a row. Usually film screenings are organized in Ivanovo, Yuryevets and other cities in the region.

Tvzavr will create five virtual cinema halls named after these cities. Festival President Sergei Bodrov noted that it was very difficult to decide on holding a festival during numerous restrictions. In his opinion, the online platform deprives viewers and participants of a lot of things, without which a film forum is impossible to imagine. But at the same time, it provides some advantages. And one of them is the expansion of geography, the opportunity to see films of the festival program from anywhere in the world. And most importantly - this year the Ivanovo people will not be deprived of the cinema festival that has already become a tradition.

In addition to the competition program of the festival, an out-of-competition contest will also be presented on the Tvzavr platform. It will  include traditional sections - Jury Films, Special Screening and others.

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