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UNESCO Associated Schools festival held in Yakutia

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UNESCO Associated Schools festival held in Yakutia


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The inter-regional festival of UNESCO associated schools was held in Yakutia, SakhaNews reports. Representatives of more than a dozen educational institutions gathered in the Neryungri district. They came from Irkutsk, Buryatia, Transbaikalia and other areas.

According to the organizers, such large-scale festivals have been held all over the world for many years. They help develop intercultural dialogue. In addition, festivals help to find gifted children and provide them with support.

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Another important goal is the formation of an active life position and the education of young people in respect for the history and culture of their nation, for UNESCO's world heritage.

The festival also became a platform for discussing issues of national revival, the organization of the traditional lifestyle and management of the northern peoples.

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The festival program includes round tables, seminars, business games, lessons, quests, and other educational events. In addition, a varied entertainment program was organized for participants.

One of the central events was the exhibition called Culture. Traditions. Education, where folk handicrafts, national cuisine, household utensils, clothes, books and more were presented.

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