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Young North Researcher competition opens in Yakutia

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Young North Researcher competition opens in Yakutia


pixabay.comYoung North Researcher competition opens in Yakutia for the third time, TASS reports. The Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University and The University of the Arctic organised the event. Artworks, photography and video on the Northern life were participating in this competition.

According to the head of NEFU North Studies department Mikhail Prisyazjnui this year's contest is dated with the 10th anniversary of the department. He has mentioned that local scolars and scientists work in cooperation with American, Canadian, Finnish, Norwegian colleagues.

The competition is mostly oriented on the nine countries-members of The University of the Arctic. The North of my Dreams is its main topic. Kids and teens of all age ranges are invited to participate in it.

The goal is to attract attention to issues of the Arctic region and to promote an interest to the scientific research. Organisers hope to expand the quantity and geography of participants in the future.

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