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52-carat diamond named after Andrey Karlov

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52-carat diamond named after Andrey Karlov


storm24.mediaA large diamond excavated in Yakutia has been named in honor of Andrey Karlov perished in the capital of Turkey. Its weight is almost fifty-two carats, as per TASS. Diamond mining company Alrosa has explained that they wanted to eternalize memory of the ambassador and express respect to his merits.

According to the company director Sergey Ivanov such large diamonds are very rare, each of them has its unique characteristics and differs from the rest. Alrosa president has underlined that Andrey Karlov was also a unique personality and prominent diplomat.

The diamond was excavated at the Yubileynaya in the middle of summer. The diamond is octahedral in shape and transparent with yellowish hue. It is approximately 19 х 19 х 18 х 12 mm in size.

As per the Russkiy Mir Foundation, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was shot dead in the end of 2016 at the photo exhibition opening ceremony. Russia qualified this crime as an act of terrorism. The diplomat’s murderer Mevlut Altynash was killed by security forces at the crime scene. Russian and Turkish law enforcement agencies are investigating this case.

Andrey Karlov was awarded the title of the Hero of Russia postmortem.

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