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International poetic contest dedicated to Pushkin awarded winners

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International poetic contest dedicated to Pushkin awarded winners


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International poetic contest Here Comes Pushkin! organised by Rossotrudnichestvo is concluded,  Rossotrudnichestvo website reports. The contest was dedicated to the poet's anniversary celebrated today, June 6.  

People from 54 countries sent their poems. The oldest one is 78 and the youngest contestant is just 4 years old. Greek participated more than others. 

3 people have won the contest. They live in Cina, South Ossetia and India. Their videos are posted social networks. 

Not, not only Russian compatriots living abroad but also foreigners learning Russian as a second language were invited. There were no age or location limits. Participants had to recite Pushkin's poem or prose fragment, or their own composition dedicated to the poet, preferably in Pushkin's stylistics.

The best videos are compilated in one video reel that is to be presented at events dedicated to Pushkin jubilee festival. 

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