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AI recreated Pushkin's physical appearance

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AI recreated Pushkin's physical appearance


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Artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D technologies helped specialists from the Moscow Pushkin Institute of Russian Language to recreate the appearance of the great poet. The portrait of Pushkin, resulting from AI processing of the classic’s death mask and his images, was shown to researchers from different countries at the Pushkin Readings, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

The appearance of Alexander Pushkin has been the subject of debate for many years, since in portraits, including those taken during his lifetime, the poet looks different. The only reliable confirmation of Pushkin’s appearance is his death mask, made on the day of his death by order of his friend, poet Vasily Zhukovsky.

The mask was submitted to the study of a neural network that reconstructed the face of Alexander Pushkin. According to Vladimir Zhiltsov, chief expert at the Center for Language Policy and International Education, this technology is known for its accuracy; it is used to create virtual doubles of actors in films and computer games.

According to the specialist, when choosing colors and skin tones, famous portraits of the poet were used, made during his lifetime by the artists Tropinin and Kiprensky. Eye color was selected from portraits and memoirs of people who knew Pushkin.

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