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Performance based on Pushkin's fairy tales presented in Colombo

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Performance based on Pushkin's fairy tales presented in Colombo


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Russian Language Day was celebrated in the capital of Sri Lanka the day before, June, 6, TASS reports. It began with a theater production based on Pushkin's fairy tales. It was performed in two languages: in Russian and in English.

The event unfolded on the lawn in front of the office of Rossotrudnichestvo. Instead of oak there was a banyan tree. In 1986, the tree was planted by the President of Sri Lanka, Richard Jayawardena, in honor of the opening of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Colombo. The "Oak" was decorated with a chain, and a mermaid was sitting on the branches.

About 70 people became guests of the holiday - students studying the Russian language, their teachers, school students, employees of the Russian House, Russian diplomats.

The participants recited Pushkin's poems in three languages: Russian, English and Sinhalese.

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