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Global action dedicated to the Pushkinbirthdaylaunched online

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Global action dedicated to the Pushkinbirthdaylaunched online


Photo: Nikolai Ge. Pushkin in Mikhailovskoe Village (1875)

National Pushkin Museum invites all poetry geeks to celebrate Alexander Pushkin's 220th birthday anniversary. #HappyBirthdayPushkin220 flashmob is launched.

Social networks users are invited to record video or make a picture with congratulation and publish at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or VK pages. The post has to be accompanied with hashtags and National Pushkin Museum link. Photo and video can be forwarded to themuseum's mail.

The action to last until June, 1.

According to organisers, the action is going on for the third year now. The goal was to make Pushkin not just a part of the school program but something much more personal, that each of us feel engaged with the Pushkin's genius.

The museum workers are sure, that internet will make this action more ambitious by consolidating messages from all parts of the world.

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Prominent Russian linguist, the person behind establishment of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and its first principle Vitaly Kostomarov recently celebrated his 90th birthday. However he does not quit his scientific researches. The scientist told the Russkiy Mir why Russian continues to be one of the most successful languages in the world and how the Soviet leaders facilitated the fact that we continue to speak the language created by Pushkin and Karamzin two centuries ago.