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Partners of Russkiy Mir Foundation Receive High State Awards

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Partners of Russkiy Mir Foundation Receive High State Awards


By decree of the President of Russia, the renowned Russian and foreign public figures, representatives of science, culture and sports; teachers, including the partners of Russkiy Mir Foundation Stanka Shopova (Bulgaria), Marina Burd (Germany) and others, received orders and medals for merits in strengthening friendship and cooperation between nations, fruitful work on bringing together cultures and nations. 

Special Representative of Russkiy Mir Foundation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the Chairperson of the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Bulgaria Stanka Shopova was awarded with the Order of Friendship.

Stanka Shopova

The Foundation for Sustainable Development of Bulgaria is an old and reliable partner of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The annual Friends, Our Union is Beautiful! festival of students studying Russian is organized by Bulgarian and Russian funds for a number of years with the active participation of Stanka Shopova. 

The Foundation for Sustainable Development of Bulgaria has been holding the Together in 21st Century International Competition for Schoolchildren as part of Together in 21st Century major project for more than ten years. It was participating in the restoration of military graves and preservation of the memory of Russian and Soviet soldiers who died for the freedom of Bulgaria and conducting various events aimed at preserving Russian language and Russian cultural heritage in Bulgaria with the support of Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Director General of Berlin’s association of Russian-speaking parents and educators MITRA Marina Burd was awarded with Pushkin Medal.

Marina Burd

Marina Burd, Head of Berlin’s association of Russian-speaking parents and educators MITRA, whereby Russian Center was established, is actively working to support Russian language in Germany in close cooperation with Russkiy Mir Foundation. Happy Vacations Formula international conference on working with Russian-speaking children during the holidays was held in Berlin in January. Its participants presented their projects on the organization of Russian language training during the holidays and working with families.

The 1st In Russian. In the Context of Multilingualism. The Experience of the Institutional Support of Russian Language Outside of Russia International Congress, dedicated to the support of the Russian language abroad was held together with the MITRA society in Germany. 

The staff of Russkiy Mir Foundation congratulates distinguished colleagues and partners with receiving honorable and undoubtedly deserved awards, and also expresses hope for further fruitful cooperation!

Russkiy Mir 


The American Sean Quirk, who is one of musicians and the manager of the well-known in Russia and beyond Tuvinian Alash ensemble, speaks four languages. On foreign tours, he announces the songs of the ensemble in English and sings Tuvan folk songs to the public and for himself. He can please the audience with a ditty in Russian when he is asked to. Besides that, Quirk reads books in the language of his ancestors - Old Irish.
A round-the-world expedition of three Russian sailboats - the frigate Pallada and the barges Kruzenshtern and Sedov is going to start this autumn. All three sailing ships of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency have already been on the round-the-globe trips but an event of such a grand scale takes place for the first time.