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Vladimir Putin: Crimea question is closed for Russia

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Vladimir Putin: Crimea question is closed for Russia


Russia is not going to discuss the question of Crimea further, TASS reports. This statement was made by Vladimir Putin after completion of talks with his American counterpart Donald Trump. In his words, this question is closed for Moscow.

The Head of State agreed that the opinions of Russian and American authorities on the Crimean topic differ. Vladimir Putin has commented that he is aware of the fact that the US President disagrees with legitimacy of reunification Crimea and the Russian Federation.

Nevertheless, Russian President added, that we have a different point of view. The referendum took place and it completely corresponded to norms of the international law and the UN Charter.

Note that, the summit of the two countries’ leaders was held the day before in Helsinki. He became the first full-length meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Russian President made several proposals to Donald Trump concerning the global security. It concerns cooperation in the field of strategic stability and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Another Russian initiative is setting up a target group consisting of experts of anti-terrorist special services.

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