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Russian and Cuban universities discuss collaboration perspectives

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Russian and Cuban universities discuss collaboration perspectives


Meeting on collaboration in the field of higher education between the leading Russian universities’ Rectors with their Cuban counterparts was held in the capital of Cuba, TASS reports.

The head of Russian delegation, academician Viktor Sadovnichy and Minister of Higher Education in Cuba Dr. Jose Ramon Saborido welcomed forum participants and wished them fruitful work results.

Rectors of sixteen Russian and twenty Cuban universities have agreed that Cuban-Russian relations have been friendly and trustworthy overall in XX century and the field of education is not an exception too. Dr. Jose Ramon Saborido addressed the audience with a message that over twenty one thousand Cubans were studying in the Soviet and Russian universities. The majority of them became qualified professionals in different fields.

Viktor Sadovnichy and Dr. Jose Ramon Saborido have acknowledged that the present forum is very important, as it enables to restore lost opportunities in many directions of the higher educations and to reinforce Russian-Cuban relations.

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