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Sergey Lavrov and Donald Trump held talks in Washington

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Sergey Lavrov and Donald Trump held talks in Washington


RF Foreign MinistryThe main topic of the meeting between Russian Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov and US President Donald Trump was collaboration of the Russian Federation and the United States of America, RIA Novosti informs. Moreover, a range of questions concerning peaceful settlement of conflicts in Syria and at south-eastern Ukraine was discussed.

The negotiations behind the closed door lasted for about an hour.

“We discussed, first of all, our interaction at the international scene. It was confirmed that despite all known difficulties, our countries are capable of and should help handling key challenges mutually”, Lavrov said.

In his turn, the head of the White House has evaluated the completed meeting positively.

It is worth reminding that talks between Ser gey Lavrov and his American counterpart Rex Tillerson were held today in Washington. This is already the third meeting of the Foreign Ministries’ heads. One of the central subjects of their discussion was political ways of settling the Syrian crisis. Besides, Lavrov and Tillerson touched upon the Ukrainian question.

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