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Peskov and Lavrov commented on idea of renting out Crimea to Russia

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Peskov and Lavrov commented on idea of renting out Crimea to Russia



Russia is not going to rent Crimea, Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov stated. In his opinion, this proposal is absurd as the peninsula is one of the Russia’s regions already, TASS reports.

This is how the spokesman commented on theproposal included into the plan to settle the Ukrainian crisis. According to mass media, one of its authors is the Ukraine Verkhovna Rada member from Radical Party Andrey Artemenko. In particular, he offered to hold a referendum among Ukraine residents to discuss the possibilityfor Ukraine to lease Crimea to Russia for 100 years.

Dmitry Peskov underlined there is nothing to talk about as “there is no subject for discussion here”.

He recalled that the Ukrainian crisis could be settled only by observing the agreements reached in Minsk. There is not any other alternative to that, the Kremlin representative summoned up.

The Head of Russian Foreign Service Sergey Lavrov also shared this point of view. Its hard to comment on this proposal, as we cannot rent from ourselves, Lavrov stated. The Russian Foreign Ministry head is sure that similar proposals distract attention from Petro Poroshenko inability to observe agreements Minsk-2 as well as from the fact that neither Berlin nor Paris can influence him in any way.

Following the minister, such plans smell of daydreaming, from the one hand, and, from the other hand, they demonstrate that efforts to change the rules of the game will continue.

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